Top 10 High-Paying Jobs For Felons 2023 - Does Doordash Hire Felons

Top 10 High-Paying Jobs For Felons 2023

Top 10 High-Paying Jobs For Felons 2023

It is very challenging to hire a person with a criminal record for a job. Everyone is afraid of loss of work because of criminals. But many companies or many people hire felons to do work.

Many Felons are in tension about who employs them?

If You are a felon or have a criminal record in the past you have not to be upset as felons can do many jobs.
So, If you want to make your life better you will have to apply for a job from which you can be paid. If you don’t have any experience with any jobs listed below, first you must learn how to do this work.

Here Are a few jobs for the felons from there they work without any afraid:

1. Welding

Most convicted felons want to get welding jobs as this work is easy to learn from other jobs. It is a suitable job for felons as this work is easy and highly payable. Any expert Welder can earn $41,380 per year. But if you are not Qualified you can earn $25,000. After a time when you will be qualified you can earn up to $60,000 per year. You can do this work anywhere like homes, outdoors, indoors, in government buildings, or more depending upon the companies for which you work.

Most important things for doing a welding job:

  • Shapers
  • Cutters
  • Metal pieces

To join the metal pieces, you need shapers, cutters, and pieces of metal. In addition to making doors and windows, welders assist in the construction of buildings. Welders repair many broken metal items. You can also work in a welding shop if you have the right training for this job. Otherwise, You have to learn this work first.

You can also do underwater welding jobs and repair boats and ships. You will be paid about $30 for an hour. For your effort, the industry is open to hiring felons to start a new and better life.

2. Online Freelancing

Freelancing is a well-known and famous job in which we can work as content writers, graphic designers, sales agents, customer service agents, and more. You can earn money from one each of the above. If you have experience with anyone of these you can do this job and earn money with greater ease as you can do this work from home and you don’t need to go to work outdoors.

You need these things to work online as a freelancer:

  • Internet
  • Computer or Laptop
  • English Writing Skills

To work as a freelancer you need 3 important things that are listed above.

At first, you must have internet and a computer then you must have English skills for writing content. If you don’t know more about English you will have to take learning classes. And when you will get through English you have to make an account on the freelancer websites. The best freelancing website is Fiver. You can also work on other websites as a freelancer.

In this work, some clients hire you for writing their content. When you write your client content you will be paid by the client as your demand. Some people will give you good reviews for your profile but some people also give you bad reviews for your profile but you don’t need to be upset.

3. Truck Driver

There is always a huge need for truck drivers. Businesses employ individuals to drive. For this position, these industries also employ criminals. If you are an accomplished driver, you can complete this task with ease. If you consider yourself an expert, you must obtain a license. A truck driver’s job is to move cargo from one location to another. You will be in charge of loading and unloading industrial goods. Only the materials that the industry will require you to export are transportable.

You won’t experience any trouble with this profession if you have a driver’s license and demonstrate a willingness to work hard. Typically, a truck driver makes $43690 a year. On the other hand, you, the carpenter job.

If you are on parole, driving a commercial truck requires you to leave the state. Furthermore, you might have to spend extended periods away from home—even weeks. Driving is the best professional choice for you as long as you love it and are confident that you won’t develop any bad habits while doing it.

When employing a commercial truck driver, the firm will be up forward about the hours and days you will be expected to work. If overtime is required, they will also let you know how much you will be paid every hour. Companies will also draft a contract and the necessary documents when the truck driver must cross state borders.

4. Electrician

After doing their sentence, many offenders think about becoming electricians. An electrician may expect to make around $55,000 a year on average. Although you could start off with a lower salary because of the increasing demand for electricians, it is predicted that this will increase by at least 14% annually.

Along with other things, you may contribute to the repair of short circuits and the mitigation of fire risks. Be prepared for anything because electricians operate in a variety of climates and conditions. The good news is that you will frequently work in relaxing settings that don’t tax your body. If you are still considering applying for this job, you might be asking what steps you need to do to start your career.

If you decide to work for an organization, you can establish a freelance career or work as a specialized electrician for numerous businesses. Following that, you may think about creating your own company, which would enable you to make a lot of money.

To become an electrician, you must pass a course and obtain a license. If you want to work for a company, you must finish the on-the-job training they provide.

A long-term career as an electrician might be rewarding if it’s something you’re interested in. You can launch your venture after a few years of working for businesses.

5. Carpenter

Carpenter is a suitable job for felons. If you want to start a new life leaving your criminal record the job of carpenter is the best choice. You can do this work with greater ease If you know about this work properly. But If you don’t know about it more and you want to do this work So, you will have to learn this work. As a felon, it is the best career for you.

The average pay for this job is $46,509 per year. You can do this job outdoors and indoors. In this work, you have to make cabinets, chairs, tables, wood doors, and many other structures. The work is highly payable and a good job for felons.

You can do this work in factories or in other places like in carpenter shops, in homes, and many other buildings depending upon the people that they ask you to make

Different types of beautiful furniture show your skills in this work. You can do this work in any weather at any place.

Almost all states require a license. You can choose to work for an organization or work independently as per your choice. The advantage of working for an organization is that you get onsite training and gain confidence in your skills.

6. Military

Many offenders are reluctant to serve their nation because they think that having a conviction on their record would prevent them from getting employment.

Contrary to most other organizations, the military may occasionally hire convicts. When the military tries to hire convicts, a number of variables are taken into account, therefore your crime may not have an impact if you meet the requirements for the other considerations.

There are various branches of the military, and the employment and positions within each branch influence how much money you may make each month. You could be eligible for military housing, which lowers your monthly costs depending on your rank and marital status

Having a conversation with your recruiter is the first step in your path if you want to pursue a military career despite having a felony record on your background report. The military favors hiring persons with high moral standards for obvious reasons.

  • Reasons for not getting a military job
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon
  • Sex Crime
  • Kidnaping
  • Credit card fraud

As a felon if you do these crimes listed above, you can be able to do this for the job. They will not hire you for military jobs.

7. Oil Field Jobs

Depending on the company’s policy, the local laws, and the particular situation, there may be different opportunities for criminals in the oil field business. But there are a few choices you might want to think about
for introductory positions: People with a criminal background could be qualified for some entry-level positions in the oil fields. These jobs could be in general labor, equipment maintenance, or drilling operations support. Remember that some positions could entail physically taxing labor and might need credentials or training.

Technical and skilled positions: People with the necessary knowledge or experience, even those with a criminal history, may be qualified for some technical positions in the oil field sector. Instrumentation technicians, electricians, welders, and technicians for equipment repair are a few examples. Getting the required licenses or credentials might improve your prospects.

Depending on the company’s policy, the local laws, and the particular situation, there may be different opportunities for criminals in the oil field business. But there are a few choices you might want to think about :
introductory positions: People with a criminal background could be qualified for some entry-level positions in the oil fields. These jobs could be in general labor, equipment maintenance, or drilling operations support. Remember that some positions could entail physically taxing labor and might need for credentials or training.

Technical and skilled positions: People with the necessary knowledge or experience, even those with a criminal history, may be qualified for some technical positions in the oil field sector. Instrumentation technicians, electricians, welders, and technicians for equipment repair are a few examples. Getting the required licenses or credentials might improve your prospects.

8. HVAC Technician

There are various choices to take into consideration, yet exact career chances for felons in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) business may vary based on the company’s policy, regional laws, and individual circumstances:

Apprenticeships and trade schools: Look for HVAC apprenticeship or trade schools that accept people with criminal backgrounds. These courses can provide you the knowledge and skills you need to work as an HVAC technician. A recognized program’s completion can improve your job chances.

Small businesses and independent contractors: Take into account looking for work with smaller HVAC firms or independent contractors who can be more receptive to giving those with criminal histories a chance. These companies could be less formal and more willing to evaluate your abilities and work ethic throughout the interview process.

Utilize your personal network or contact groups that help people with criminal histories get jobs. Networking and referrals. They could be able to offer advice and help or they might know people in the HVAC business.
Starting your own business: If you have the proper training and expertise, you might want to consider opening your own HVAC company. Through entrepreneurship, you may take charge of your own future and perhaps even go over some of the obstacles that are present while looking for standard work.

Certifications and ongoing education: As you develop expertise in the HVAC industry, think about seeking new certifications and ongoing education. These qualifications might increase your chances of finding work or moving forward in the company by demonstrating your dedication to professional development.

Keep in mind to be truthful about your history while applying for jobs. Emphasize your qualifications, education, and any actions you’ve made to advance your career and personal development after your conviction. Sincerity and personal growth are traits that many employers respect, so having them may improve your chances of landing a job as an HVAC technician or in any other career you decide to pursue.

9. Entrepreneur

If you have a criminal record and are looking for work, you may want to consider starting your own business. By starting your own business, you may forge your own path and perhaps get beyond some of the obstacles encountered when looking for regular work. Consider these prospective entrepreneur positions for felons:
Online companies: There are many options to launch an online company on the Internet. This could involve site design, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, content production (blogging, vlogging, podcasting), or services related to digital marketing. You may create a prosperous internet business with perseverance and the appropriate tactics.

Residential services: Think about launching a home-based service company that fits your hobbies and talents. Housekeeping, landscaping, pet care, teaching, personal training, home upkeep, and mobile automobile detailing are a few examples.

Businesses centered around food: If you love to cook and eat, you might want to establish one. This can entail doing catering, running food trucks, baking and selling specialty items, or starting a small café or restaurant. Do some local health and safety law research, and get any required permissions or licenses.

Trades that need skill: If you are skilled in a certain profession or craft, you might want to establish a business in that area. Examples include building, painting, welding, plumbing, and electrical services. You may start a profitable business by developing a

strong reputation for producing high-quality work and providing excellent customer service.

Freelancing and consulting: Market consulting services in your specialty to make the most of your knowledge and abilities. This might be in disciplines like marketing, graphic design, writing, IT assistance, or human resources.

Keep in mind that launching a business involves meticulous preparation, devotion, and laborious effort. Think about creating a strong business strategy, obtaining the required licenses or permissions, and getting advice from businesses that help people with criminal backgrounds or entrepreneurs. It’s crucial to remember that depending on your area and the nature of your conviction, the mechanics of launching a business as a felon may change. Always check your local rules and regulations, and get legal advice if necessary.

10. Marketing

There are a few potential choices to take into consideration, while exact career prospects in marketing for felons may differ according on the company’s rules, regional laws, and individual circumstances:
Social media management and digital marketing: A variety of options are available in the realm of digital marketing. Think about developing your talents in disciplines like social media management, content production, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, email generation, or website construction. You may get marketing jobs by developing a strong online presence and showcasing your knowledge.

Consulting and freelancing: Investigate freelance positions available for marketing consultants or specialists. Many companies, especially startups and small companies, frequently look for independent marketing consultants to manage certain projects or campaigns. You may discover clients and develop your business using websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.

Local marketing firms: If you can show that you have the necessary qualifications and expertise, certain marketing firms may be more willing to hire people with criminal histories. Do some research on nearby marketing firms, then get in touch with them to ask about employment prospects.

Non-profit organizations: Take into account applying for marketing opportunities there. These organizations frequently place high importance on devotion, zeal, and enthusiasm for their mission. Your marketing and communication expertise may be very helpful to them in spreading the word about and garnering support for their activities.

Entrepreneurship: Think about starting your own marketing firm or consulting if you have a solid foundation in marketing and the passion to run your own business. This enables you to take charge of your own future and create a company based on your qualifications and experience.

When applying for jobs, keep in mind to be truthful about your history. Instead, concentrate on emphasizing your talents, relevant experience, and any efforts you’ve made to advance your career and personal development after your conviction. Many organizations place high importance on professional growth and are interested in hiring people with marketing experience.


In conclusion, the top 10 high-paying jobs mentioned are welding, online freelancing, electrician, truck driver, carpenter, military, oil field jobs, HVAC technician, entrepreneur, and marketing. These careers offer the potential for substantial earnings based on various factors such as skill level, experience, demand, and industry conditions.

Welding: Because of the specialized nature of their job and the great demand for their services in sectors like construction, industry, and oil and gas, skilled welders frequently earn high incomes.

Online Freelancing: As the gig economy has grown, people with skills in writing, graphic design, programming, and marketing may now make money by freelancing online. Freelancers may be paid on a project-by-project basis or at high hourly rates.

Electricians: They are in great demand, especially in the building and maintenance industries. Due to the level of technical competence needed and the significance of their job in guaranteeing electrical safety, they attract competitive wages.

Truck Driver: Truck drivers frequently make substantial pay, particularly long-haul or specialist truckers. The continued strong need for cargo transportation makes this career financially profitable.

Carpenter: Highly skilled carpenters may make a good living by working on both home and commercial building projects. In the business, their skill in woodworking and workmanship is highly regarded.

Military: Enlisting in the military may provide financial advantages, such as competitive pay, allowances, and perks including housing, medical care, and financial aid for school. Rank, experience, and service branch all influence the individual remuneration.

Oil Field Jobs: Due to the hard nature of the work and the related hazards, careers in the oil and gas business, such as offshore drilling, can provide high salaries. Engineers or technicians that specialize in drilling might earn high incomes.

HVAC Technician: HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialists are essential to the installation, upkeep, and repair of HVAC systems. HVAC professionals with the right training may make a good living because of the rising need for effective temperature control systems.

Entrepreneur: Although starting a business can be risky and unknown, those who are successful could reap substantial financial benefits. Starting and growing a profitable business may result in significant earnings and wealth accumulation.

Marketing: In the era of digital technology, experts in the fields of digital marketing, social media management, and data analysis are in great demand. Marketing positions may come with competitive salary in high-paying sectors like technology, finance, and healthcare.

It’s important to note that the earning potential in these professions can vary based on factors such as location, experience, qualifications, and industry trends. Additionally, these rankings may change over time as job markets evolve.


1. What is the highest paying job for a felon?

The highest paying job for a felon depends on various factors, including the individual’s skills, experience, and the specific felony conviction. While certain professions may be challenging to enter due to background checks and legal restrictions, there are still opportunities available. Here are three important pieces of information to consider:

Vocational Training: Pursuing vocational training or obtaining a certification in a specific trade can provide felons with valuable skills that can lead to higher-paying jobs. Examples include carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, welding, or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) installation.

Entrepreneurship: Starting a business or becoming self-employed can offer felons the opportunity to create their own income stream. This path requires careful planning, market research, and determination to succeed. Industries such as consulting, online businesses, or skilled trades can provide felons with a path to financial stability.

Education: Pursuing higher education, such as a college degree or specialized training programs, can open doors to well-paying careers. Felons can explore fields like computer science, healthcare (excluding certain regulated professions), graphic design, or accounting, among others.

2. How long does a felony stay on your record?

The duration a felony remains on a person’s record can vary based on several factors, including the jurisdiction where the offense was committed. Here are three important pieces of information regarding the duration of a felony on a record:

State Laws: Each state has its own laws regarding the retention of felony records. In general, felony convictions tend to remain on a person’s criminal record indefinitely, unless certain conditions are met.

Expungement: Some states offer the option of expungement, which involves the removal or sealing of criminal records. Eligibility requirements for expungement vary and may depend on factors such as the type of offense, the time since conviction, and the individual’s behavior and rehabilitation.

Record Sealing: In cases where expungement is not available, record sealing may be an option. This process restricts public access to the records, but they may still be accessible to law enforcement and certain government agencies.

3. Do felonies go away in Texas?

In Texas, felonies generally do not go away automatically. However, certain options exist that may help individuals with felony convictions overcome the challenges they face. Here are three important pieces of information regarding felonies in Texas:

Non-Disclosure: Texas allows for non-disclosure of certain felony convictions. This means that if a person successfully completes a period of probation or community supervision, they may be eligible to petition the court to have their criminal record sealed from public view. However, certain offenses, such as violent crimes or sex offenses, are not eligible for non-disclosure.

Expungement: Expungement in Texas is generally reserved for cases where a person was wrongfully arrested or convicted. It involves the complete removal of the arrest and conviction from the individual’s record. However, expungement is not available for individuals with felony convictions, except in cases of identity theft or human trafficking.

Rehabilitation and Employment: While felonies do not automatically disappear in Texas, individuals can work towards rehabilitation and reintegrate into society. Some employers may be willing to consider hiring individuals with felony convictions, especially if the offense is not directly related to the job requirements. Additionally, vocational training, education, and acquiring in-demand skills can increase job prospects.

4. Do felonies go away in New York?

In New York, felonies do not go away automatically. However, there are certain legal options that individuals can explore to mitigate the impact of their felony convictions. Here are three important pieces of information regarding felonies in New York:

Certificate of Relief from Disabilities: New York offers a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities, which aims to remove certain legal barriers that individuals face due to their criminal records. This certificate can help with professional licensing, housing, and employment. However, it does not expunge or seal the conviction.

Certificate of Good Conduct: A Certificate of Good Conduct is another legal mechanism in New York that provides relief to individuals with felony convictions. It can restore certain rights and privileges, such as the ability to apply for professional licenses or hold public office. However, similar to the Certificate of Relief from Disabilities, it does not erase the conviction from the individual’s record.

Expungement: Unfortunately, New York does not provide a general mechanism for expunging felony convictions. However, sealing of certain convictions may be possible under specific circumstances, such as non-violent offenses. Sealed records are generally inaccessible to the public but may still be visible to law enforcement and government agencies.

5. Do felonies go away after 7 years in New York?

In New York, the notion that felonies automatically go away after 7 years is incorrect. Felony convictions generally remain on an individual’s record unless specific legal measures are taken. Here are three important pieces of information regarding the duration of felonies in New York:

Sealing of Records: New York does provide the option of sealing certain convictions, which restricts public access to the records. However, sealing is not automatic and is subject to specific eligibility criteria. Only certain non-violent offenses are eligible, and individuals must wait a specified period after completing their sentence before applying for sealing.

Time-Sensitive Factors: The eligibility for sealing in New York varies depending on the specific offense, and different waiting periods apply. For example, class A felonies are generally not eligible for sealing, while class D and E felonies may be eligible after a waiting period of 10 years. Misdemeanor convictions have shorter waiting periods.

Legal Consultation: If an individual is uncertain about the status of their felony conviction or the available legal options, it is advisable to seek legal counsel. An attorney with expertise in criminal law can provide guidance based on the individual’s specific circumstances and the applicable laws in New York.

It’s important to note that laws and regulations can change over time, so individuals with felony convictions should consult legal professionals or relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information and advice.

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